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Historic Season Ushers in New Decade of American Motocross

Courtesy of MX Sports/Racer X
MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - The Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship experienced tremendous growth during the 2010 season with an increase in attendance, television viewership, and online traffic. Thanks to unprecedented availability, fans from all over the globe now have the chance to catch the world's most prestigious championship through live television coverage and exclusive online content, highlighted by live event streams.

The numbers are staggering, and fans looking for an in-depth look at what MX Sports Pro Racing and Alli Sports have accomplished the past two years can do so by reading an exclusive article in the Sports Business Journal by Action Sports reporter Tripp Mickle.

Massive crowds, like this one at RedBud, were the norm in 2010.
Courtesy Steve Cox/Racer X
Since partnering with Alli Sports to assume control of the administrative and operational side of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship, MX Sports Pro Racing has emphasized the growth of viewership of the outdoor nationals. Thanks to exclusive television partnerships with NBC Sports and SPEED, American motocross fans can now see nearly every round of the world's most prestigious championship either live or same-day. This was highlighted by two events in 2010 - Washougal and Pala - that featured live coverage of both the 450 and 250 classes. In all, over 5 million viewers tuned in to watch the best motocross riders on the planet domestically while an international television package has brought American motocross into 207 million homes across 80 countries, including live coverage of every round in Brazil, Australia, and throughout Europe.
Domestic Television Viewership
Hangtown: 629,000
Freestone: 282,000
High Point: 753,000
Budds Creek: 361,000
Thunder Valley: 367,000
RedBud: 663,000
Spring Creek: 439,000
Washougal: 296,000
Unadilla: 811,000
Moto-X 338: 240,000
Steel City: 305,000
Pala: 226,000
Total: 5,372,000

MX Sports Pro Racing also expanded its live coverage to an even larger platform thanks to its partnership with Alli Sports, hosting live internet streaming of the first motos at each round of the 2010 season. Fans logged on to www.AlliSports.com, the official website of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship, and saw the action unfold along with the thousands of fans in attendance. As a result, online traffic for the series is greater than ever with over 400,000 viewers participating in the live stream, in addition to regular visits to the website.
Online Live Stream Viewership
Hangtown: 98,905
Freestone: 28,391
High Point: 26,412
Budds Creek: 32,216
Thunder Valley: 26,812
RedBud: 24,991
Spring Creek: 32,665
Washougal: 29,191
Unadilla: 47,992
Moto-X 338: 36,705
Steel City: 36,832
Pala: 38,334
Total: 459,446

Led by the historic season of 450 Class rookie Ryan Dungey (5), American Motocross produced some of the most memorable on-track action in recent memory.
Courtesy Simon Cudby/Racer X
On site, attendance is higher than ever despite tough economic times throughout the United States. This season, over a quarter of a million fans attended each of the 12 rounds of the championship, spanning from California to Massachusetts. Additionally, the on-track action that makes the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship the world's premier outdoor motocross series was better than ever, thanks to a historic season that featured the rise of a new rookie star, the emergence of a resilient champion for the future, and the return of a female motocross legend to the top of her game.
On-Site Attendance
Hangtown: 20,500
Freestone: 17,300
High Point: 18,600
Budds Creek: 18,740
Thunder Valley: 18,350
RedBud: 22,380
Spring Creek: 20,475
Washougal: 19,650
Unadilla: 20,500
Moto-X 338: 15,250
Steel City: 16,800
Pala: 21,750
Total: 230,295

As Ryan Dungey, Trey Canard and Jessica Patterson stood atop the rest as the national champions in the respective 450, 250 and Women's Motocross classes, the AMA Pro Motocross Championship also welcomed five new faces to the all-time winners' list in the professional men's classes: Ryan Dungey (450), Eli Tomac (250), Tyla Rattray (250), Dean Wilson (250) and Trey Canard (250). Additionally, Dungey completed the most successful rookie season in premier-class history en route to becoming the first rider in AMA history to win both 450 championships (supercross and motocross) in his first year, while Canard had one of the most impressive comebacks in the history of the sport, overcoming a 50-plus-point deficit in the second half of the season to win his first motocross title.

Fans embraced the series in all facets in 2010 with increased numbers in television viewership, online traffic and on-site attendance.
Courtesy Simon Cudby/Racer X
MX Sports Pro Racing would like to congratulate its 2010 champions and provide a final statistical breakdown of the season that was.

2010 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship
Final Statistics
  • 450 Class debutant Ryan Dungey is the first rider in AMA history to win both the AMA Supercross and AMA Motocross premier-class titles as a rookie.
  • Since capturing his first career title in the 2009 AMA Supercross Lites West Region, Ryan Dungey has won four consecutive championships.
  • Dungey is the youngest rider in history to win all four AMA championships and the first to do so consecutively.
  • After a poor start to the season in which he finished eighth overall, Ryan Dungey went on to win 19 of the next 22 motos and 10 of the 11 remaining rounds. His average finish jumped from 8.0 to 3.3. He was the only rider in the class to win more than one moto.
  • Andrew Short led all riders with 11 holeshots, capturing at least one in eight of the 12 rounds. Eight different riders claimed holeshots in both classes in 2010.
  • Dungey led 48% of the laps completed in 2010 in the 450 Class.
  • Brett Metcalfe and Nick Wey are the only two 450 Class riders to score points in all 24 motos.
  • With his win at Steel City, Kevin Windham became the oldest winner in AMA history.

250 Class action was exceptional throughout the 2010 season and featured heavy parity with five different winners.
Courtesy Simon Cudby/Racer X
  • With five different winners throughout the 12 rounds of the championship, the 250 Class experienced the most parity since the 2005 season that featured six different winners.
  • Of the five different winners in the 250 Class, four experienced victory for the first time in their careers.
  • Trey Canard overcame a 55-point deficit over the second half of the season to win the 250 Class title.
  • Through the first half of the season, Christophe Pourcel won seven of the 12 250 Class motos with at least one win at each of the first six rounds. In the second half he won just two motos over the final 12. His average finish fell from 2.5 to 6.9 over that span.
  • Tyla Rattray holds the unique statistic of two overall victories in 2010 despite leading just one lap in the 250 Class. Both of his overall wins came via a pair of runner-up finishes.
  • Dean Wilson claimed Rookie of the Year honors with two overall wins and a fourth place championship result in the 250 Class.
  • Eli Tomac became the first rider in history to win his professional debut.
  • GEICO Powersports Honda and Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki won every 250 Class moto in 2010 and split overall wins with six apiece.
  • Jessica Patterson became just the second factory-backed rider to win a WMX title.
  • Ashley Fiolek captured an astonishing 13 of 16 holeshots but still came up short in her bid for a third consecutive title, despite an average finish of 1.9.
  • Patterson and Fiolek were the only riders to lead a lap in the WMX class in 2010.
  • Alexah Pearson captured Rookie of the Year honors and a Loretta Lynn's Amateur National Championship title.

The depth in the WMX Class also increased thanks to more support from established 450 and 250 class teams for the nation's fastest women.
Courtesy Simon Cudby/Racer X
2010 450 Class:
  • Suzuki won its 10th 450 Championship:
    Tony DiStefano - '75, '76, '77
    Kent Howerton - '80,'81
    Greg Albertyn - '99
    Ricky Carmichael - '05, '06
    Chad Reed - '09
    Ryan Dungey - '10
  • Suzuki has also won four of the last six championships in the 450 Class.
  • Ryan Dungey becomes the 22nd different rider to win a 450 Class championship and the 13th different rider to win a Supercross and Motocross title in the premier class:
    Bob Hannah, Donnie Hansen, David Bailey, Jeff Ward, Rick Johnson, Jeff Stanton, J.M. Bayle, Jeremy Mcgrath, Jeff Emig, Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart, Chad Reed and Ryan Dungey
  • Dungey has 10 career 450 Class wins. He is tied with Kevin Windham for 10th all time.
  • Dungey's 10 wins as a rookie is the most in history by a first-year rider. His point total of 543 is also a record.
  • Dungey becomes just the fourth rookie in AMA Motocross history to win the 450 Class championship:
    Jeff Ward - 1985
    Jean Michel Bayle - 1991
    Ricky Carmichael - 2000
    Ryan Dungey - 2010
Final Point Standings
  1. Ryan Dungey, Belle Plaine, Minn., Suzuki, 543
  2. Brett Metcalfe, Australia, Honda, 398
  3. Andrew Short, Smithville, Texas, Honda, 393
  4. Ben Townley, New Zealand, Honda, 321
  5. Mike Alessi, Victorville, Calif., KTM, 314
  6. Kyle Chisholm, Valrico, Fla., Yamaha, 266
  7. Josh Grant, Riverside, Calif., Yamaha, 260
  8. Ryan Sipes, Vine Grove, Ky., Yamaha, 234
  9. Kyle Regal, Kemp, Texas, Honda, 224
  10. Nick Wey, Dewitt, Mich., Kawasaki, 223
Overall Wins
Ryan Dungey - 10
Chad Reed - 1
Kevin Windham - 1

450 Class Moto Wins
Ryan Dungey - 19
Mike Alessi - 1
Josh Grant - 1
Chad Reed - 1
Andrew Short - 1
Kevin Windham - 1
Wins by Brand
Suzuki - 10
Honda - 1
Kawasaki - 1
Laps Led
Ryan Dungey - 187
Andrew Short - 65
Brett Metcalfe - 39
Ben Townley - 20
Mike Alessi - 19
Josh Grant - 19
Chad Reed - 16
Kevin Windham - 14
Clement Desalle - 4
Total: 383

Andrew Short - 11
Brett Metcalfe - 4
Ryan Dungey - 2
Kevin Windham - 2
Mike Alessi - 1
Justin Brayton - 1
Chad Reed - 1
Ryan Sipes - 1
Top Average Finishers
Ryan Dungey - 3.3
Brett Metcalfe - 5.3
Andrew Short - 6.7
Top Average Starters
Andrew Short - 4.3
Ryan Dungey - 4.8
Ben Townley - 6.6
Top Average Qualifiers
Ryan Dungey - 3.3
Josh Grant - 4.2
Chad Reed - 5.9

Andrew Short (29) found himself at the front of the field with more holeshots than any other rider in 2010.
Courtesy Simon Cudby/Racer X
2010 250 Class:
  • Honda won its 13th 250 Championship
    Marty Smith - '74, '75
    Johnny O'Mara - '83
    Ron Lechien - '85
    Micky Dymond - '86, '87
    George Holland - '88
    Mike Kiedrowski - '89
    Doug Henry - '93, '94
    Steve Lamson - '95, '96
    Trey Canard - '10
  • Trey Canard's title ends a 13-year drought for Honda.
  • Canard becomes the 24th different rider to win a 250 Class championship.
  • Canard's championship for Honda results in a two-year drought for Mitch Payton's Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki team - the longest since capturing its inaugural title in 1997.
  • Canard becomes the eighth rider in AMA history to win an AMA Supercross and AMA Motocross title in the smaller displacement.
  • Canard has five career 250 Class wins. He sits 26th all-time, tied with Ben Townley, Broc Hepler, Ryan Hughes and fellow Oklahoman Robbie Reynard.

Final Point Standings
  1. Trey Canard, Shawnee, Okla., Honda, 474
  2. Tyla Rattray, South Africa, Kawasaki, 446
  3. Christophe Pourcel, France, Kawasaki, 443
  4. Dean Wilson, Scotland, Kawasaki, 437
  5. Justin Barcia, Ochlocknee, Ga., Honda, 348
  6. Eli Tomac, Cortez, Colo., Honda, 327
  7. Broc Tickle, Holly, Mich., Yamaha, 287
  8. Blake Wharton, Pilot Point, Texas, Honda, 285
  9. Martin Davalos, Ecuador, Yamaha, 251
  10. Wil Hahn, Decatur, Texas, Honda, 213

Overall Wins
Trey Canard - 5
Christophe Pourcel - 2
Tyla Rattray - 2
Dean Wilson - 2
Eli Tomac - 1

Moto Wins
Christophe Pourcel - 9
Trey Canard - 8
Dean Wilson - 3
Justin Barcia - 2
Tyla Rattray - 1
Eli Tomac - 1
Wins by Brand
Honda - 6
Kawasaki - 6
Laps Led
Trey Canard - 106
Christophe Pourcel - 104
Dean Wilson - 81
Justin Barcia - 35
Eli Tomac - 35
Wil Hahn - 13
Tommy Searle - 2
Tyla Rattray - 1
Total: 377

Dean Wilson - 6
Eli Tomac - 5
Christophe Pourcel - 4
Trey Canard - 3
Wil Hahn - 3
Justin Barcia - 1
Nico Izzi - 1
Tyla Rattray - 1
Top Average Finishers
Trey Canard - 3.8
Tyla Rattray - 4.2
Dean Wilson - 4.4
Top Average Starters
Christophe Pourcel - 4.4
Dean Wilson - 5.0
Trey Canard - 5.5
Top Average Qualifiers
Christophe Pourcel - 1.4
Trey Canard - 5.1
Broc Tickle - 5.4

Dean Wilson captured Rookie of the Year honors thanks to two impressive overall wins in the 250 Class.
Courtesy Simon Cudby/Racer X

2010 WMX Class:

  • Jessica Patterson claimed her record sixth WMX Class title, making her the most successful female rider in AMA history.
  • Patterson never finished below second all season, winning six of the eight rounds and boasting an average finish of 1.4.

Final Point Standings
  1. Jessica Patterson, Tallahassee, Fla., Yamaha, 382
  2. Ashley Fiolek, St. Augustine, Fla., Honda, 360
  3. Tarah Gieger, Winter Gardens, Fla., Honda, 295
  4. Vicki Golden, El Cajon, Calif., Yamaha, 252
  5. Mariana Balbi, Brazil, Yamaha, 239
  6. Sara Price, Canyon Lake, Calif., Kawasaki, 230
  7. Sarah Whitmore, Cheboygan, Mich., KTM, 219
  8. Alexah Pearson, Rocklin, Calif., Yamaha, 202
  9. Tatum Sik, Temecula, Calif., Yamaha, 179
  10. Jacqueline Strong, Sedona, Ariz., Yamaha, 154
WMX Class Overall Wins
Jessica Patterson - 6
Ashley Fiolek - 2
WMX Class Moto Wins
Jessica Patterson - 10
Ashley Fiolek - 6
WMX Class Wins by Brand
Yamaha - 6
Honda - 2
WMX Class Laps Led
Jessica Patterson - 69
Ashley Fiolek - 48
Total: 117

WMX Class Holeshots
Ashley Fiolek - 13
Jessica Patterson - 3
WMX Class Top Average Finishers
Jessica Patterson - 1.4
Ashley Fiolek - 1.9
Tarah Gieger - 4.0
WMX Class Top Average Starters
Jessica Patterson - 2.2
Ashley Fiolek - 2.8
Sara Price - 5.9
WMX Class Top Average Qualifiers
Jessica Patterson - 1.8
Ashley Fiolek - 2.0
Tarah Gieger - 2.5

Alexah Pearson grabbed Rookie of the Year accolades in the WMX Class.
Courtesy Simon Cudby/Racer X

Series Awards

Rockstar Energy Fast Lap Award
Mike Alessi - 2:15.130

Ryan Dungey - 2:09.704

High Point
Andrew Short - 2:20.949

Budds Creek
Ryan Dungey - 2:01.398

Thunder Valley
Ryan Dungey - 2:11.857

Ryan Dungey - 2:17.154

Spring Creek
Ryan Dungey - 2:09.355

Brett Metcalfe - 2:11.784

Ryan Dungey - 2:10.542

Moto-X 338
Ryan Dungey - 2:02.764

Steel City
Ryan Dungey - 2:27.474

Ryan Dungey - 2:20.170

Ryan Dungey was more often than not the fastest rider in 2010, capturing nine Rockstar Energy Fast Laps and a one-of-a-kind Rockwell Watch.
Courtesy Simon Cudby/Racer X

Ricky Carmichael Hard Charger Award
Ben Evans, Ryan Morais, Jake Moss / +14 spots

Ben Townley / +21 spots

High Point
Jake Weimer / +21 spots

Budds Creek
Weston Peick / +16 spots

Thunder Valley
Jake Weimer / +26 spots

Justin Brayton / +20 spots

Spring Creek
Martin Davalos / +22 spots

Mike Alessi  / +22 spots

Blake Wharton / +12 spots

Moto-X 338
Brett Metcalfe / +27 spots

Steel City
Michael Byrne / +16 spots

Broc Tickle / +27 spots

The RC Hard Charger Award is given to the rider who epitomizes the determination of the GOAT
at each round of the championship by passing the most riders in a single moto.
Courtesy Simon Cudby/Racer X
Muscle Milk Recovery Rider of the Day Award
250 Class: Travis Baker - M1: 23rd / M2: 10th
450 Class: Andrew Short - M1: 15th / M2: 5th
250 Class: Max Anstie - M1: 15th / M2: 4th
450 Class: Mike Alessi - M1: 12th / M2: 5th
High Point
250 Class: Trey Canard - M1: 14th / M2: 4th
450 Class: Tommy Hahn - M1: 11th / M2: 4th
Budds Creek
250 Class: Jake Weimer - M1: 21st / M2: 7th
450 Class: Ben Townley - M1: 14th / M2: 3rd
Thunder Valley
250 Class: Justin Barcia - M1: 16th / M2: 7th
450 Class: Matt Moss - M1: 28th / M2: 19th
250 Class: Alex Martin - M1: 20th / M2: 10th
450 Class: Steven Clarke - M1: 16th / M2: 14th
Spring Creek               
250 Class: Max Anstie - M1: 31st / M2: 13th
450 Class: Brett Metcalfe - M1: 16th / M2: 6th
250 Class: Martin Davalos - M1: 22nd / M2: 5th
450 Class: Trent Pugmire - M1: 31st / M2: 17th
250 Class: Darryn Durham - M1: 33rd / M2: 7th
450 Class: Derek Anderson - M1: 29th / M2: 19th
Moto-X 338                  
250 Class: Ian Trettel - M1: 17th / M2: 10th
450 Class: Ryan Sipes - M1: 32nd / M2: 8th
Steel City                     
250 Class: Dean Wilson - M1: 17th / M2: 3rd
450 Class: Jason Lawrence - M1: 28th / M2: 15th
250 Class: Martin Davalos - M1: 14th / M2: 6th
450 Class: Weston Peick - M1: 23rd / M2: 11th

Brett Metcalfe was just one of many riders who were able to bounce back from a rough first moto and secure a solid second moto effort to claim the Muscle Milk Recovery Award.
Courtesy Simon Cudby/Racer X
MotorcycleUSA.com WMX Holeshot Award
M1: Ashley Fiolek / M2: Jessica Patterson
M1: Ashley Fiolek / M2: Ashley Fiolek
Thunder Valley             
M1: Ashley Fiolek / M2: Jessica Patterson
M1: Ashley Fiolek / M2: Ashley Fiolek
Spring Creek                
M1: Ashley Fiolek / M2: Ashley Fiolek
Moto-X 338                  
M1: Ashley Fiolek / M2: Ashley Fiolek
Steel City                     
M1: Jessica Patterson / M2: Ashley Fiolek
M1: Ashley Fiolek / M2: Ashley Fiolek
WMX Top Rekluse Rider
Jacqueline Strong
Jacqueline Strong
Thunder Valley             
Jacqueline Strong
Nicole Madsen
Spring Creek                
Jacqueline Strong
Moto-X 338                  
Nicole Madsen
Steel City                     
Sherri Cruse
Sherri Cruse
For fan and racing information on the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship, log on to www.allisports.com/motocross.

For more information about the 2011 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship, please contact media coordinator Brandon Short via email at brandon@mxsports.com or by telephone at (949) 365-5750.

About the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship
The Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship is the world's most prestigious motocross series. The Series is managed and produced by MX Sports Pro Racing, whose mission is to raise awareness of motocross racing through the promotion of professional championship racing events nationwide.

The series is also produced in conjunction with Alli, the Alliance of Action Sports, a global business that encompasses national and international action sports events, multimedia production and a consumer-based lifestyle brand.
Alli is owned by NBC Sports and MTV Networks and represents a vast network of athletes, fans, brands and properties.
The Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross series is sanctioned by AMA Pro Racing, the premier professional motorcycle racing organization in North America. AMA Pro Racing operates a full schedule of events and championships across every spectrum of motorcycle competition.

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