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Bel-Ray Racers Sipes and Anderson Score Top 10 Overalls at Mt Morris

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Bel-Ray Racers Sipes and Anderson Score Top 10 Overalls at Mt Morris
Teammate Wharton inside the Top 15

FARMINGDALE, N.J. (June 10, 2013) ―Round 4 of the 2013 National Motocross series came to Mt Morris, Pennsylvania for this weekend’s Geico High Point National. This weekend marked the 37th annual National Motocross event at the picturesque High Point facility.  Beautiful weather and a strong crowd greeted the Bel-Ray racers in attendance for both the 250MX and 450MX championship classes. Rockstar Energy Racing’s Jason Anderson and Ryan Sipes led the charge with top 10 overalls in their respective classes.

Since moving up to the 450 class for the outdoors, Bel-Ray backed Ryan Sipes has scored 5 top 10 moto finishes and two top ten overall. He rebound from a difficult event in Tennessee to earn 6-6 moto scores and a 7th place overall finish. Sipes is currently 8th place in the series standings.

“I felt like it was a solid weekend," said Sipes following the event. "I’m proud of my finishes. I felt like I got decent starts, at least close to the top ten and just worked my way up. I would have liked to have gotten 5th in the first moto but I had a little tip over. I’m happy to rebound and get a decent finish because I had a bad two weeks In Colorado and Tennessee.”

Also in 450MX class racing, Bel-Ray privateers Derek Anderson and Ronnie Stewart scored respectable finishes at Mt Morris.  Anderson’s 24-21 moto finishes netted him a 25th overall while Stewart’s 38-32 finishes were good enough for 37th overall. Both racers will use the one week break in the series to regroup for Budd’s Creek in Maryland on June 22nd.

In 250MX racing action, Bel-Ray supported Rockstar Energy Racing’s Jason Anderson continues to show he is one of the top racers in the class. His 12-7 moto finishes were good enough for 10th overall. Teammate Blake Wharton has been making improvements each weekend. His first moto 35th place finish was an unfortunate glitch that he improved upon in moto 2 with a 12th place finish for a 15th place overall finish. Anderson is currently 6th in the standings while Wharton is 14th in the standings.

Anderson spoke about the weekend following the second moto. "High Point was alright. I was battling up near the front basically the whole time. I just gotta figure things out, head into the break, enjoy it a little and go to Budds Creek and see how it goes.”
Wharton was disappointed with his weekend and spoke about it, “ I didn’t have a great weekend to say the least. I struggled a little bit with my starts but I was close. I just couldn’t get around that turn one or two spots better. It was like you just missed a good start because of those spots. I just rode average really. This next weekend is off then we’re heading into Budds Creek. Just gonna keep riding and trying to improve."

Other Bel-Ray racers in the 250MX class were New Jersey privateer Dakota Kessler and Pennsylvania privateer Steve Roman. Kessler’s 28-26 motos were good for 29th overall while Roman’s 39-31 finishes earned him a 38th overall.

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The series continues will take a one week break before resuming on June 22nd at Budd’s Creek in Mechanicsville, Maryland.

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