Monday, August 12, 2013

MotoConcepts Racing: UNADILLA MX Report

Courtesy of Moto Concepts

SPOKANE, WA (August 10, 2013) – After taking a week off, the tenth round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship headed to Upstate New York at Unadilla Valley Sports Center. An abnormal overcast and chilly day bestowed upon the Unadilla Valley race track. Known for its natural terrain and deep valleys, Unadilla presented some new and modern track designs this year. As they prepared the track for a historic MX National, Smartop by MotoConcepts rider Mike Alessi (#800/450) geared up for another day of racing.
During practice Alessi finished 3rd in the 450 class which granted him a decent gate pick for the first Moto of the day. Alessi didn’t get the greatest jump off the start and held 20th place as he came around the first corner. Dissatisfied by the position he was in, Alessi attacked the pack in front of him and slowly started picking away at his competitors. An ongoing battle between Alessi and J. Weimer emerged as the two fought for the 9th position. Eventually, Alessi conquered and passed #12 but shortly after, on the final lap, he crashed before the deep valley, “Gravity Cavity”. Fortunately, he was able to get up quickly and finish the lap and Moto and secure 12th place.
Alessi lined up for the second Moto of the day preparing and hoping for a better start he knew he was capable of achieving. Lined up near the left outside of the gate, Alessi took off but quickly got tangled up with T. Canard before they reached the first turn. As they both flew over their bars and off the side of the track, a carnage of several bikes piled up behind them. Alessi went down hard with his shoulder taking most of the impact. As a result, he was unable to finish the rest of the Moto and rode back to the pits with frustration in his eyes. A 12th and 39th finish gave him 18th overall for the day. Without those precious points from the second Moto, Alessi lost several positions in the points standings and now sits in 10th.
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