Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Deft Family Now Accepting Resumes On MxSponsor

Courtesy of MX Sponsor

MxSponsor is pleased to announce Deft Family has opened their 2014 sponsorship program and is accepting applications. Deft Family chose to use MXSponsor for its sponsorship needs because it caters to their specific audience. To be a part of the Deft Family rider support team, please fill out your profile to the best of your ability with results, photos, videos and send electronically through MXSponsor.com.
How to Submit a Resume to Deft Family:
To submit a sponsorship resume, riders must go to www.MXSponsor.com where they can sign up for free. Once here, riders can build their online profile, upload action photos and videos, post race results and submit their profile resume to nearly 200 motocross companies. MXSponsor.com is the fastest and easiest way to be sponsored in the motocross industry.
About MXSponsor.com
Since launching in 2005, MXsponsor.com is the only sponsorship website exclusively dedicated to the motocross industry and works for racers of all age and skill levels that are looking to get sponsored.  There are currently 60,000+ Motocross riders using MxSponsor to connect with the largest brands in the industry. Hundreds of thousands of sponsorship connections have been completed since 2005.
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