Sunday, January 25, 2015

Motorcycle Superstore Partners with The Privateer Journey

Courtesy of Motorcycle Superstore

MEDFORD, Ore – is proud to announce our partnership with the ultimate privateer Supercross racing support program, The Privateer Journey (TPJ). Led by founder and team manager Ted Parks, The Privateer Journey provides transportation and logistical support for up and coming racers. Any rider who has traveled the Supercross circuit, pitting out of the back of their van and feeling like a privateer can attest to the toll it can take - in addition to having to compete at every race. TPJ offers a full factory experience to the equation that allows these young, up and coming racers to focus on the task at hand: Qualifying for races and gaining valuable experience as they live out their dream.

"The Privateer Journey has been a labor of love for me the past few years," explains Ted Parks, Sr. "Now that our program has a little experience to build from, it is a real joy to have Motorcycle Superstore, one of the industry's most recognizable online retail stores, on board and providing support for these kids. These guys ride their hearts out week in and week out and it is a real honor to be working with each of them, so make sure to come by and say hi to them at the races, they'll really appreciate the support."

TPJ riders own their own bikes and pay their own way into each round. They don't have a factory ride just yet - but they are hoping to catch someone's eye while they are learning the ropes. These are the guys that are on the bubble each and every weekend so a trip to the Main Event is not guaranteed, but the experience of battling against the best Supercross riders in the world, representing the underdog in every way makes the TPJ riders endearing to anyone who has aspired to be a part of something bigger. These are the working class racers and is happy to help them as they make their dreams of racing Supercross a reality.

"We are pleased to be supporting The Privateer Journey team run by Ted Parks for 2015," says Scott Huddleston, Motorcycle-Superstore VP of Marketing. "Motorcycle Superstore appreciates the amount of hard work Ted is putting in to support riders who do not receive anything from the factory teams. The riders on The Privateer Journey team are chasing their dream of being in the main event each weekend and eventually getting off of privateer-island and onto a factory race team like former TPJ rider Weston Peick. As riders ourselves, we are proud to be a part of this program."

There are both 450 and 250 Class racers under the TPJ awning. The 450 riders include Nick Schmidt (Suzuki 450), Teddy Parks (Suzuki 450), Adam Enticknap (Honda 450), Chad Cook (Honda 450), Dustin Pipes (Suzuki 450) and Justin Sipes (Kawasaki 450). The 250 West racers include Chad Gores (Honda 250), Dylan Lemburg (Suzuki  250) and Shawn Yarbrough (Kawasaki 250) while Ronnie Hapner and Killian Auberson, from Switzerland, are set to compete in the 250 East rounds.
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