Monday, January 4, 2016

The MotoIce Cryotherapy Compression Wrap

Courtesy of MotoIce

Oakland NJ – January 4th 2016 – MotoIce announces the debut of their new cryotherapy compression wrap, the MotoIce Wrap.  The MotoIce Cryotherapy Compression Wraps patented technology provides hours of relief from pain and swelling without the hazards and discomfort of ice or frozen gel packs or the irritation of menthol patches. MotoIce Cryotherapy Compression Wraps apply therapeutic cold and compression while conforming to the affected site and stay in place while you remain active! Suitable for sprains, repetitive motion injuries, pain associated with arthritis, bruises, and muscle cramps.

This MotoIce Cryotherapy Compression Wrap product all but eliminates the ice bag/pack.  Everyone knows that icing an injury or sprain or bruise is what you need to do, but who actually does it?  Who wants to stay completely immobilized with a dripping ice bag and an ace bandage for 20-30 minutes several times a day, all while getting soaked because the bag is wet and is leaking all over you, no one, that’s why no one does it.  The MotoIce Cryotherapy Compression Wrap solves all of the problems previously noted, it uses compression and cryotherapy as well as no dripping water, and it allows you to still function and move, all while treating and healing your affected area. As a competitive athlete, no one wants to show your competition that you have an “injury,” with the MotoIce Cryotherapy Compression Wrap you don’t have to, just put the wrap on and you can wear clothing that hides it.  A great way for mom and dad to make sure their son or daughter “ices” that tweaked wrist or knee. 

MotoIce Cryotherapy Compression Wraps will be on display at Anaheim 1 with Jimmy Albertsons Team Motorcycle Superstore Suzuki.  Jimmy Albertson has been testing and evaluating the product for months and this product has helped him expedite his recovery.  MotoIce Cryotherapy Compression Wraps are pleased to be part of Jimmy Albertsons team.

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Phone– 973-356-1144
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