Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wienerschnitzel Presents Donation to the McGrath Family to Benefit Be The Match

Courtesy of Wienerschnitzel 

IRVINE, CA – Wienerschnitzel, home of America’s favorite Chili Dog, is proud to announce that it has donated $2,000 to the McGrath family in support of their efforts to raise awareness for Be The Match, the largest and most diverse bone marrow registry in the world. The oversized check was presented to Rhowan, 9, and Bergen McGrath, 7, daughters of legendary motocross champion Jeremy McGrath. The girls began selling homemade lemonade at off-road racing events to help raise money for the bone marrow organization after their mother, Kim, was diagnosed with leukemia and in need of a bone marrow transplant.

Throughout this year’s race season, Wienerschnitzel supplied the McGrath Lemonade Stand with hot dogs for sale at the events, and originally pledged to match funds raised up to $1,500, but later increased the donation amount to $2,000. As a result of their 2015 efforts, the McGrath family raised nearly $4,000, more than doubling their 2014 contribution to Be The Match.

“Wienerschnitzel’s support has meant the world to my family and it will significantly further our mission to raise awareness of bone marrow registration,” said Kim McGrath, whose life was saved by a bone marrow transplant in 2012. “Wienerschnitzel’s generous donation will fund hundreds of new bone marrow registrants and will quite possibly save lives, just like mine.”

Since the family began this philanthropic journey, they have hosted 40 marrow drives that have resulted in over 4,000 new Be the Match members and 17 lifesaving matches. The simple donor registration process consists of filling out a few forms and completing a quick cheek swab that can lead to saving lives.

“We’re inspired by how hard Rhowan and Bergen work to raise money for such an impactful cause, and we are proud to support them,” said Rico Ferrante, Wienerschnitzel’s Visionary Director. “These girls are a fantastic reminder of how important it is to support positive change and fight for what you believe in. And, at their young age, we can all learn something from them.”

To find your nearest bone marrow drive, visit Be the Match.

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