Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Cobra Moto’s new CX65 debuts @ Mini Os, along w/ full Cobra support for racers

Courtesy of Cobra Moto

Cobra Moto’s factory support big rig’s nearing Florida, manned with a full crew of engineering & tech support and packed to the ceiling with Cobra parts

HILLSDALE, Mich., (Nov. 18, 2016) – One of America’s longest-running amateur motocross events, the 2017 Thor Winter Olympics, presented by Pro Circuit, at Gainesville’s (Fla.) Gatorback Cycle Park, is the destination for all things Cobra Moto next week (Nov. 21-26). Cobra’s factory support rig hit the road today, full of every Cobra CX part imaginable, along with an engineering and tech staff available to every kid there that’s racing the legendary American-made Cobra mini cycles.

Also along for the ride, and making its debut on the national amateur motocross circuit, is the highly anticipated 2017 Cobra Moto CX65.

“Thanksgiving with the Cobra Moto families from all over the USA – doesn’t get much better than that for Cobra’s factory support staff,” said Cobra Moto President Sean Hilbert. “The Mini Os is an event Cobra Moto looks forward to every year, acts as a highly important gauge for our engineering team and allows us to make a big splash with new product – this year being the debut of our all-new CX65.”

Packed full of American Made parts, the “radically re-designed” CX65, according to Hilbert, features an array of improvements, including:

·         All-new top end, exhaust, transmission and brakes.

·         Improved clutch, featuring a re-designed hydraulic actuator that’s more reliable and requires less maintenance.

·         The most horsepower in its class, “not just in peak, but also the broadest and smoothest power delivery,” according to Hilbert.

·         All-new computer controlled electronic power valve.

·         Only bike in its class with a full cartridge fork.

·         Answer/Pro Taper bars.

·         Dunlop MX51s.

·         Topped off with Bel-Ray’s industry-leading brake, shock, fork & air filter oil, transmission fluid and bearing grease.

·         Bullet-proof wheels made in Cobra’s factory and exclusive to the CX65.

·         Appointed billet goodies everywhere.

Along with the new CX65 under the Cobra Moto factory rig canopy, those attending the Mini Os can watch the action as it happens, “Live,” with racing, timing and scoring on multiple large high definition monitors. Cobra Moto’s engineering and tech crew – the guys who actually designed the parts and build the bikes - knowing them beyond inside and out – are there to assist all Cobra Moto racers and families, featuring a truckload of parts and accessories at their fingertips.

“Good luck next week from everybody at the Cobra Moto factory here in Michigan,” added Hilbert.

Cobra Moto would like to thank all of the companies it partners with to bring the finest minicycles in the world to market including Bel-Ray, SKF, CARD, Dunlop, Answer/Pro Taper and Aeromod International.

Photos courtesy of: Cobra Moto

Cobra Moto, founded in 1993, produces the most successful line of competition mini cycles in the United States with more than 300 national titles in the last decade. Based out of Hillsdale, Mich., Cobra Moto's mission is to build premium products for the serious racer. For more information on Cobra products, please visit our website at www.cobramotorcycle.com and like us on Cobra Nation on Facebook.

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