Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Leatt Family Amateur Motocross Team Goes Bear Hunting

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The legendary Mammoth Motocross race celebrated its 50th anniversary this year and took place from June 16th through June 25th. The oldest continuous running motocross event, 8000 feet up in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, did not disappoint.  Ten days of racing showcased the country’s fastest amateur racers, including #LeattFamily athletes who charged their way to multiple podiums and special 50th-anniversary gold bear trophies.
On the mini bike days, Parker Ross went home with three top-ten finishes and a first-place finish in the 65cc 10-11 class.  Joshua Varize had five top-five finishes, as well as a first-place finish in Mini Sr (9-14) and a second place in Supermini (13-16). Hunter Cross claimed four top-ten finishes, which include a second place in the Mini Sr (12-13) and a third in Mini Sr (14-16). Carson Mumford, Supermini class favorite, ran into bike problems which kept him from racing at his full potential, however, he still managed to place third in Supermini 2 (13-16).
Amongst the big bike races, amateur athletes Gavin Leachman, Kolton Dean, and Garrett Marchbanks all had top-ten finishes. Gavin took second place on the podium in Schoolboy 1, while Kolton pulled off an impressive 7th in Collegeboy, and Garrett dominated his class by capturing a first-place finish in 250 B/C Open, 250 B, and Schoolboy 2. 
Leatt athletes know what it means to push themselves, set seemingly unrealistic goals, and then crush those goals. Leatt is proud to provide their athletes with the protection and confidence to get them to that place that they are aiming for. And then, just a little bit further.
Parker Ross: 65 (10-11): 1st, 65 (10-11): 6th85 (9-12): 7th, 65 Open: 7th
Josh Varize: Mini Sr 2 (9-14): 1st, Supermini 1 (12-15): 4thSupermini 2 (13-16): 2ndMini Sr 2 (9-14): 4th,
                        Supermini 1 (12-15): 4th, Supermini 2 (13-16): 4thSupermini All-stars: 5th
Hunter Cross: Mini sr (12-13): 8thMini Sr 2 9-14: 3rd, Mini Sr 1 (12-13): 2ndMini Sr 2 (9-14): 3rd
Carson Mumford: Supermini 2: 13-16: 3rd, Supermini 1 12-15: 5th
Gavin Leachman: Schoolboy 1: 2nd125 (12-16): 12th
Kolton Dean: College boy (18-24:) 7th
Garrett Marchbanks: Schoolboy 2 (13-17) B/C: 1st, 250 B: 1st, 250 B/C Open: 1st
About Leatt:
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