Thursday, July 13, 2017


Courtesy of Savij

Uniontown, Pennsylvania – Broc Schmelyun and Chad Sanner have joined together to bring you Savij; a company that plans to reshape people's perception of engine building in the Northeast. The company will start taking orders immediately. Savij aims to surpass the competition not only on the track but also through giving back. It will be a priority of Savij to show appreciation through action. 
"I started Eleven10Mods in the fall of 2006 for people who needed help to make their bike stronger. It grew to the point that I could help a couple of pro racers go racing at a higher level than they could attain on their own. That made the company grow so quickly that I felt like I was no longer helping people. It burnt me out tremendously because I inadvertently lost track of my goal. I quit for a few years because I did not see a way to fix it. For the last year, I have been working with Broc, and we spoke about starting a new shop together. I have grown incredibly confident in Broc, and I believe he was the missing piece I could have used previously. Over the years with Eleven10Mods I was told many times 'If only there were two of you!' I truly believe that Broc is that opportunity. I am very excited to see what we can accomplish together. " - Chad Sanner
"Being a privateer racer in the past and now a team manager, I understand the importance of having both high-quality performance and reliability. I met Chad last year and wanted him to come on board with the team that I was managing for that reason. Someone with his talent was too important to be sitting on a couch. While getting to know Chad, I saw a lot of the shortcomings he had faced with Eleven10 Mods. Combined, I believe that he and I surpass those shortcomings. It was important to me to be Northeast-based and have a willingness to help others. Chad echoed those feelings, so it was a natural fit. As Savij grows into what I know it can and will be, I plan to give back significantly to grow the sport. I believe we are on the verge of something special." - Broc Schmelyun
Jerry Robin, Timmy Crosby, Ben Nelko, and John Wells are all competing in the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship aboard Savij engines. Both Chad and Broc know what it takes to be a privateer finishing in the top 20 through experience. Their mission is to bridge the gap between factory and privateer. To have an engine package built by us, please contact us through our website or email Broc directly: 

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