Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Motocross League of America Launch

Courtesy of RPM Sports

Pell City, Alabama -RPM Sports is extremely proud and excited to announce the official launch of the Motocross League Of America presented by Rocky Mountain MC/ATV. After years of diligent work the MLA is anxiously awaiting its first event September 13-15 on the sandy confines of Echeconnee Motocross in Georgia.
What's New
The Rocky Mountain MC/ATV Motocross League of America looks to set itself apart from all other series in many unique ways. RPM Sports owner Allen McWilliams went across America surveying riders and industry OEM's in an effort to put together the most compelling new motocross product in America. McWilliams stated "what we found was a huge void for professional riders just graduating from the amateur ranks, there was just not a place for them to land and we feel like we've created a solid platform in the MLA for professional riders and amateurs alike to learn their craft". "We also wanted to give our riders and sponsors unprecedented media coverage and we did that by partnering with, an affiliate of where we will produce live video of all MLA events", explained McWilliams. Next on the list was to find the finest motocross facilities in the country and bring the MLA to their facility. Five different race tracks will be the proving ground for the MLA and their riders. McWilliams also commented "this is just the beginning, we have already started the process of laying out next year’s schedule that should expand the series to the West Coast and we are excited to see the interest in the MLA even before the first gate drop".
The AMA and Pro AM Points
The Motocross League of America will also partner with the AMA throughout the entire series. Alex McWilliams of RPM stated "the AMA and Kip Bigelow have been instrumental in helping us plan and coordinate the series, as well as securing Pro AM points at all MLA events". The MLA events will also feature a 3rd Pro class and expanded Pro Purses to help the aspiring pro rider keep his dream alive.
What about the Amateurs?
RPM Sports kept the amateur riders in their sights as well when securing sponsorship packages and contingency from the OEM's. "It's important to give back" stated RPM's Allen McWilliams, "and we'll be giving back in a big way with contingency from all the OEM's and some amazing help from Rocky Mountain MC/ATV, Fly Racing, Scott, Alpinestars, and Dunlop". Rocky Mountain ATV/MC will offer up a $5,000 hole shot bonus awards system along with giving EVERY Rider in EVERY class a $10 Gas card at EVERY round of the MLA. Fly Racing stepped up to the plate with a $10,000 contingency program in place for the MLA and its riders!
RPM Sports will operate each round of the MLA so a consistent race track, staff, and racing experience will be enjoyed by all riders at each event. All events will feature online pre entry.  All the information is up and active at
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