Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Leatt Family makes their mark at the Loretta Lynn Amateur National 2017

Courtesy of Leatt Family

The most highly regarded amateur national in the world, the Loretta Lynn Amateur National, has come and gone in the blink of an eye!  During this time, many factors came into play. A major factor was the weather.  The heat and humidity left riders exhausted and the rainfall made for muddy conditions which left the track even rougher when it dried out.  This race placed a great deal of pressure on the athletes and with the competition so heavy, any small mistake cost championships. To be victorious, the athletes had to ride smart and be consistent. 

The Leatt amateur athletes showed their endurance, speed, consistency and the ability to win but also proved that even the best riders can make mistakes. Overall, the team produced exceptional results with 20 top 10 overall finishes.  In particular Garrett Marchbanks and Casey Cochran who claimed the championship titles in their classes. We are very proud of our #LeattFamily.

Garrett Marchbanks – 1st OA 250 B & 1st OA Schoolboy 2
Casey Cochran – 1st OA 65 (10-11) & 6th OA 85 (9-11) Limited
Carson Mumford – 3rd OA Supermini 1 & 3rd OA Supermini 2
Joshua Varize – 2nd OA Mini Sr 2 & 8th OA Supermini 2
Parker Ross – 3rd OA 65 (10-11) & 4th OA 65 (7-11)
Luke Fauser – 3rd OA 65 (7-9)
Shelby Rolen – 3rd OA WMX
Katie Benson – 4th OA Girls (11-16)
Collin Allen – 5th OA 65 (10-11)
Jarrett Frye – 5th OA Supermini 1 & 5th OA Supermini 2
Gavin Leachman – 7th OA 125 (12-16) B/C
Jack Chambers – 6th OA Supermini 2
Kevin Moranz – 9th OA 250 A
Justin Thompson – 9th 250B Limited

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