Thursday, May 12, 2016

Husqvarna reveals 2017 cross country lineup

Courtesy of Husqvarna Motorcycles

Husqvarna Motorcycles is thrilled to announce the all new Cross Country segment of FX and TX models to the North American market.

Husqvarna continues to pioneer cutting edge technologies by developing motorcycles which are more agile, more powerful and more ergonomically advanced than previous generations. The attention to detail and innovative techniques used by Husqvarna engineers have resulted in an all-new premium product offering to the off-road market that will set the standard for closed-course cross country racing.

Three featured models are due to hit North American soil in late June for the FX 350 and FX 450, and mid-July for the TX 300.

FX 350
The FX 350 shares much of its engine and chassis architecture with the motocross FC 350, but is tailored for closed course off-road usage. With a maximum output of 58 hp, the FX 350 has a 450 rivaling power-to-weight ratio while retaining the light, agile handling of 250-class machines. This is matched with an advanced electronics package featuring launch control, switchable engine maps and traction control resulting in a versatile, high performance package. Include a larger 6-speed transmission, large fuel capacity and an 18-inch rear wheel and the FX 350 is perhaps the greatest off-road machine ever created by Husqvarna.

Husqvarna FX 450
FX 450
Husqvarna’s new for 2017 FX 450 offers class leading performance in a lightweight, capable package. All aspects are designed to offer exceptional performance in conjunction with rider comfort and ergonomics making the FX 450 equally appealing to amateur and professional off-road riders alike. Traction control, map select and WP AER 48 forks are just a few of the standard features which ensure the FX 450 embodies premium quality and feel. Off-road specific features raise the FX 450 to the top of the class.

TX 300
Completely new for 2017, the TX 300 signifies the constant development and secure future of the historic 250cc 2-stroke in the Husqvarna off-road line-up. With a newly designed chassis based on the new generation 2016 FC and TC models, the TX 300 is a purpose-built closed course racing 2-stroke with off-road specific features.

A larger fuel tank, an 18-inch rear wheel and a side-stand increase the ability and usability of the TX for its indented purpose.  Additionally, the lightweight 2-stroke engine is completely redesigned and features increased efficiency, more centralized masses as well as a substantial reduction in vibration. As a result the TX 300 now offers a refined and manageable closed course racing package.

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