Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Trey Canard Continues with Leatt Protectives

Courtesy of Leatt Protectives

Leatt Family member Trey Canard returns to the Leatt Team for 2017. Wearing the most technologically advanced neck brace, the Carbon GPX 6.5, recently named Red Bull KTM Factory Racing teammate is ready for a fresh start aboard a championship-winning team.

Trey has chosen Leatt as his preferred protection brand since day one. Having been involved in a very serious accident in 2012 at the Los Angeles Supercross, he understands the importance of being properly protected and has consistently been a great brand ambassador for Leatt.

The GPX 6.5 Carbon neck brace is the latest addition to the Leatt off-road neck brace range and has a brand new, sleek design that is ultra-light. Designed to fit all riders comfortably, the semi-rigid structure is super adjustable whilst the structure remains very rigid during a crash. This helps to transmit energy from your helmet to your body, bypassing your neck which is key for reducing neck forces and is called Alternative Load Path Technology (ALPT®). All Leatt neck braces are CE tested and certified as Personal Protective Equipment. 

Leatt® engineers premium protective gear for extreme cycle, power and winter sports.
This is what the future of protection looks like! Designed by medical doctors and biomedical engineers, our products push safety and comfort to the next level.

Renowned for our award-winning Leatt-Brace®, we’ve extended our range to include helmets, body armor, knee braces, elbow guards, hydration systems and other cutting-edge products that are redefining protection and inspiring confidence in the world of extreme sports.

Independently backed by science and testing and trusted by some of the fastest riders in the world Leatt® protects athletes who constantly push the limits. Facebook: Leatt Protectives Instagram: @Officialleatt Twitter: @Officialleatt
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