Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Preston Petty Fenders are Back

Courtesy of Preston Petty

Sandgate, Vermont - After many years the PRESTON PETTY PRODUCT® LINE is alive, well and flourishing again worldwide. Preston has instilled in us: “To produce Preston Petty Products®, quality must be the number-one priority!”

“Identical to the original, the feel of it, the dimensions are right on, top quality!”
– Preston Petty, 1/4/16

“The best thing we can offer besides a great product is that we have the real deal, the one and only Preston Petty, who is working with us every step of the way. Often imitated but never duplicated."
-Paul Stannard, Owner of Preston Petty Products, LLC

Preston Petty Products® are now available directly – worldwide to you on our website at www.PrestonPettyProducts.com and from select dealers around the world. We are back and growing every day. Follow us on Facebook for the newest products available.

Thank you to Preston Petty for his knowledge, support, and approval during our growth. Knowing Preston proudly stands behind us is a major bonus not only for us, but for consumers as well.

If you would like more information about Preston Petty Products® or would like to become a distributor, please contact Paul Stannard at 802-375-2665 or email at mailto:Paul@PrestonPettyProducts.com.

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