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Courtesy of Microbilt/PRBC Suzuki

KENNESAW, GA. (July 6, 2016) – Ronnie Stewart saw major improvement Saturday at round six of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship in Buchanan, Michigan. Stewart qualified for the RedBud National and went 25-35 finishing 31st overall on his Team MicroBilt/PRBC Suzuki RM-Z450 in spite of a hand injury and wrist fatigue in the second moto.

Stewart and the team came into RedBud looking to rally and they did. After not qualifying for the last two nationals, there was newfound speed for Stewart at RedBud and he credits support from the Yoshimura Suzuki Factory team for helping to set his team in the right direction in terms of bike set up.

“I really appreciate the guys at Yoshimura Suzuki for watching and helping me out with the settings,” Stewart said. “It was really cool to make changes throughout the day, something I typically don’t do.”

Stewart’s day at RedBud got off to a positive start when he safely put his MicroBilt/PRBC Suzuki into the national by qualifying 31st with a time of 2:04.246.

Then in the first moto Stewart was caught up in the funnel going through the first turn and was well back in the pack. The start may have ultimately hurt his chances for a better moto finish, but Stewart made a good number of passes to get up to 25th by the end.

“It’s difficult to get good results when you start at the end of the pack,” Stewart explained. “I would have loved to put myself into a better situation and ride with some faster guys, but it was good to practice passing riders and just to be out there racing in that environment where the track is a lot rougher and the intensity is a lot higher than in practice. There were a lot of positives for me to keep moving forward. I felt I was pretty strong in the first race.”
The second moto was a challenge for Stewart. With all the focus on finding better settings on the bike, Stewart forgot to tape his wrist that was surgically repaired earlier this year and it fatigued to the point where could barely hold onto the bars. On top of that, his hand ripped open early in the moto.

“I thought about pulling off, but I wanted to finish,” he said. “I thought it was important to cross the checkered flag. I was glad to get a race under my belt and happy for the support my team has given me. This week we’re testing new suspension and I hope that goes well.”
Team MicroBilt/PRBC Suzuki will be back in action as the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship kicks off the second half of the 2016 season next weekend with its anticipated return to New England. For the first time since the 2013 season The Wick 338 in Southwick, Massachusetts, will host the world's most prestigious championship with the 36th running of the Red Bull Southwick National. The seventh round of the championship will commence on Saturday, July 9th.

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